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Yinxing Optical is mainly engaged in the production and processing of optical glass (filter) and special glass.

Product name

SG4100 color temperature insulated glass

Product description

Main application: shadowless lamp for medical operation.

1. Chromaticity under A and D65 standard light sources

Brand SG4100
Thickness(mm) 4
A X 0.439
Y 0.412
Y 88.7
D65 X 0.309
Y 0.332
Y 88.9


2. The refractive index (ND) 1.51 conforms to the standard of heat-insulating optical glass

Performance (color rendering index) >93%
Color temperature 4200K
Infrared cut 900nmT=2%
Chemical stability DA2 DW2
Thermal characteristics (a * 10-7) 59
Soft temperature (Tg) 587
Softening temperature (Ts) 656


Brand Thickness (mm) 365(mm) 500(mm) 600(mm) 700(mm) 800(mm) 900(mm) 1000(mm)
SG4100 4 84.93 71.49 49.92 34.32 5.86 0.41 0.06


3. Spectrogram

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