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Yinxing Optical is mainly engaged in the production and processing of optical glass (filter) and special glass.

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Polarizer (also called: polarizer), polarizer is divided into linear polarizer (PL mirror) and circular polarizer (CPL mirror, ring polarizer). The transmittance of linear polarizer is 41.5% and the extinction is 99.8%; the transmittance of circular polarizer is 30% and the extinction is 99.9%.

Product features: Polarizer can transform incident light, composite light, or monochromatic light into linearly polarized light, and then pass the polarizer to make the light completely extinct.

Product application: Polarizer can be used as an important optical element in the field of quantitative determination of polarized light, photographic equipment, polarized light equipment and so on.

Other instructions: (Refer to P239 ~ 240 of the "Photography Teaching Material" in the New York Institute of Photography, excerpts)

Polarizing filter is different from most other types of filters. It is composed of two pieces of glass, and the two pieces of glass are installed independently in a circular frame and can rotate relatively. As it rotates, the polarizing filter will remove more and more glare and haze. If we have a single-lens reflex camera, we can really see this change happening through the viewfinder.

Polarizing filters help to remove undesirable glare from any non-metallic surface. Whether it is color photography or black and white photography, polarizing filters can really help us do this.

The reflected light generated by glass, water surface, smooth wooden surface, satin, etc. are all polarized light, and all only vibrate in a certain direction.

What does "polarized light" look like? If we don't know, there is nothing to be ashamed of, because polarized light is actually no different from ordinary light. It is impossible for the naked eye to distinguish between polarized light and ordinary light.

The scientific term "polarization" vividly describes this phenomenon. Polarization can be understood as vibration in a plane. The function of the polarizing filter is to prevent this vibration and thus remove this polarized light.

This is why the polarizing filter must be rotated. With the rotation of the polarizing filter, the polarized light that can pass through can be removed.

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