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Yinxing Optical is mainly engaged in the production and processing of optical glass (filter) and special glass.

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AR coating

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400-700AR AR coating

When the light is emitted from the sparse substance to the dense substance, the reflected light will have a half-wave loss. The reflected light on the back surface of the AR film coated on the glass is exactly half a wavelength different from the reflected light on the front surface of the film. The reflected light of the two surfaces cancels, which is equivalent to increasing the energy of the transmitted light. And by coating both sides of the glass at the same time, the two sides of the glass can simultaneously reduce the reflection effect. Because AR glass uses magnetron sputtering coating technology, the sputtered materials are all transparent optical film systems formed by nano-level atomic motion. For example, the real picture above can clearly see that the glass coated with anti-reflection film is more transparent, while the ordinary glass has a very obvious reflection effect.

Product Details:

The AR film has no effect on the physical properties of the glass itself, and it also has a hardening effect, which is a protection for the glass itself and has strong adhesion. It can be regarded as having formed a whole with glass. AR film is sometimes used on optical glass with waterproof and dustproof film instruments as an ideal choice for window glass.

Application areas: LED display screen, touch screen, LCD projection system, eyeglass material coating, instrument window, fingerprint analyzer window, monitor protection mirror, antique frame window, high-end watch window, eye piece, silk screen optical glass products.

400-700AR AR coating Optical index: customizable

Projected wave band: 400nm-700nm

Transmittance: single side T> 95% double side T> 98%

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