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Yinxing Optical is mainly engaged in the production and processing of optical glass (filter) and special glass.

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Coating the AR film, AR, minus reflection film, AR filter; Coating is in optical components, due to the effect of reflection of the surface and make the energy loss, in order to reduce the reflection loss on the surface of the element, often in the optical element surface coating transparent dielectric film, this film is called "coating. The principle: to consider the light as a wave, because light waves as well as mechanical wave is the nature of the intervention. In front of the lens coated with a layer of coating (usually "calcium fluoride, slightly soluble in water), if the thickness of the membrane is equal to the red light (note: here is a red light) in the coating medium wave long 1/4, then to reflect on either side of the membrane of the red light, interference will occur (optical path difference of half wavelength of an odd number of times to cancel each other out, you will see a little glance before camera lens, because according to the conservation of energy, the beam of red light already all through the lens. The role of the coating is to reduce the intensity of the reflected light, thus increasing the intensity of transmitted light, make the optical system imaging more clearly.


Supply products:

Broadband antireflection (R - Coating) membrane

High reflection film, half reflection film

Optical coating, crystal coating

Various optical cold working products

Single anti-reflection: T > 94%

Double-sided anti-reflection: T 98% or higher


Areas of application:

Coating application involves medicine, military, space exploration, and so on all walks of life

Nantong silverstor optical co., LTD, supply AR membrane, AR film, reflective film, coating, AR filter filter, such as products are widely used in medicine, military, space exploration and so on all walks of life, quality and cheap, welcome to choose and buy!!!!!!

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