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Dielectric refletor

Yinxing Optical is mainly engaged in the production and processing of optical glass (filter) and special glass.

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Dielectric refletor

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Media mirror:

Mirror optical index:
1) All-inversion type of laser light: 0 degree to 57 degree incidence, 650nm, 532n, 475nm reflection is greater than 99.8%.
2) For projectors and optical instruments: visible light total reflection 400~680nm reflection is greater than 99.9%
3) Ordinary optical instrument full-inversion: 0 degrees to 57 degrees incidence, 420m~680nm reflection is greater than
Material: Class A K9 glass,
Face type: 1/4 entry or higher
Finish: (scratch - pitting) 40-20
Coating material: TI3O5, SiO2
Coating equipment: imported ion plating or high precision ion sputtering coating.
High laser power resistance (laser damage: 20J/cm2 pulse: 6ns)
Large angle reflection (0 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 57 degrees reflection greater than 99%, 97%, 95% or more)
Imported coating machine production, film layer is very good
Easy to clean, can be cleaned and maintained at any time with acetone, alcohol or other velvet cloth or dehydrated cotton.
Strong acid and chemical resistance
Application areas:
Stage laser light
Stage engineering laser high mirror
Anti-high power laser reflection system
High precision optical instrument
Digital microscope
Laser motor galvanometer
Projector optical engine
Laser barcode scanner
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