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Congratulations on the upgrade of Nantong Yinxing Optical Co., Ltd. website!

Congratulations on the upgrade of Nantong Yinxing Optical Co., Ltd. website!

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Nantong Yinxing Optical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1980s (formerly Haian Yaguang Science & Technology Equipment Factory) at Haian County of Jiangsu Province, and is an outstanding representative of Chinese optical glass manufacturing enterprises. We have been certified to ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System and ROSH. We mainly focus on produce and processing of optical glass (optical filter) and special glass, including over 100 kinds of optical elements such as UV filter, infrared filter, black UV glass (wavelength: 254nm, 310nm, 365nm), ND filter, heat-insulating glass, bandpass filter, narrow bandpass filter, long wave pass filter, reflection filter, anti-reinflection filter, neutral grey glass, high borosilicate glass, quartz glass, B270, UV filter and polarizer. The products are mainly applicable for photographic apparatus, instruments, optical instruments, medical instruments, teaching apparatus, slide projectors, projectors, ultraviolet analyzers, financial tools, airport lighting devices, infrared thermal imagers, cosmetic instruments, security products, etc., and are mostly exported to Europe and America, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, with a good reputation among users.

Over the years, we have established a long-term cooperation with a large number of customers in a sincere, honest and diligent spirit, high-quality products and reasonable price. We persist in the strict, efficient and cooperative team spirit, continuous innovation and progress, and strive to be the largest, strongest and most promising optical glass manufacturing enterprise in China.  in China.  

Looking into the future, we are full of confidence. For a new high, we are advancing and making more impressive contributions to the development of optical glass by virtue of high-quality products and impeccable services, and write a more splendid chapter.manufacturing enterprise in China.  in China.